Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome to my new Followers...

  I would like to take a moment today to welcome all my new followers and fellow campaigners, and tell you a little something about me.

   Everyone who has been following me for a while, know I have a really weird sense of humor. Of course that is the nice way of saying I am off my rocker ... totally loony toons. If you didn't already know that, well I guess I just explained a lot, didn't I.

   All of you new followers... You have been warned.

   My philosophy  life is too short to spend it being serious all the time, (okay, okay for more than 2 seconds) and to get through this life sane...ish you can either laugh or cry. I chose to laugh, because crying makes my nose run and my eyes red. Not a pretty picture.

   I am a Proud Texan, born and raised. I was born many moons ago in San Antonio, the birthplace of the Alamo. (Yeah that Alamo, no, the real one. Not the Hollywood one.)
The Alamo San Antonio, Tx

   I have lived all over Texas: San Antonio, Corpus Christi. Fort Worth, Houston, Katy, Magnolia, Spring Branch, Shepherd and Coldspring. Yep, my family moved around a lot.

   I have been: an office worker, dance instructor, a massage therapist, delivery person, Insurance agent, sales person, Manager. I was even an extra on a movie once. I never did figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

   I have fallen out of trees, off boats, been through about 4 hurricanes, too many tornadoes to count, a few wreck (some NOT my fault) and now have a heart condition that has slowed me down.  Yes my Guardian Angel is up for platinum wings. She earned her silver and gold in record time.

   I like music, movies (old and new), books, gardening, sewing, crocheting, drawing (especially cartoons- the laugh thing again), cooking, dogs, astronomy.... long walks in the woods, okay now I sound like I'm looking for a date.

   You probably got the picture. I have a wide variety of interests, which might explain why I hop from subject to subject like a hyper rabbit.


   So now you know a little about me.  Welcome, and come on in...If you dare. You can't say you haven't been warned.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

3D artist... WOW...

   Have you seen these guys? It is amazing what they can do with a little chalk or paint.

How does he do it??? Watch this story from CBS news.

Here is another group of guys at work.

If your afraid of heights you might want to avoid this sidewalk.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am a Campaigner...

   I have wanted to join Rachael Harrie of  Rach Writes on her crusades ever since she started them. I just always got there late. That old procrastination thingy again.

   But this time I made it before the deadline. I was so excited I joined a few different groups. I know I am an over achieving procrastinator, what can I say. But everyone has been having so much fun with Rachael that I just had to get in on the action too.

   Her new Campaign starts on August 22, 2011 and goes to October 3rd, 2011. But the deadline to join is August 31st, 2011. Check out The Writers' Platform- Building Campaign here, and join the fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good-bye to my little editor...

   This is a very difficult post to write, because I hate saying good-bye. Especially when I know it is forever.

   We lost our little Foxy to old age on August 13th. She passed away quietly at my feet under my desk. Still keeping up her job as editor to the end.

Ms. Foxy at work.

   Good-bye Ms. Foxy. You are still loved and will be missed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain, Rain, come this way....

   Just in case you haven't guessed by now, I live the Texas, the east Texas Piney Woods to be exact. It is a great area with lots of trees and creeks and wildlife. But what we don't have, at least not this year, is RAIN. We are in the worst drought since they started keeping records in 1895. This has caused the trees, plants, and grasses to dry out. That in turn has caused numerous wild fires. Luckily for us they haven't gotten too close to our house. Though the state has lost about 3.4 million acres to wildfire so far, and they are still happening.

   Since I have to cart water from the well to the garden, I have just about given up on it producing much this year. I am going to put in a fall garden and hope for the best. It is still hurricane season you know. Maybe we will get part of a nice tropical depression. No, I don't want another hurricane. We are still trying to clean up after the last one.

   I was looking on google to see if I could find some good news about the weather. One of the things I did find is Rain Turtles.

Created by Pamela Jo

   According to Wikipedia...

   A rain turtle is a ritual believed to bring about rain, especially in periods of drought. The practice is commonly considered to be of Native American origin. To perform the ceremony, one uses a stick to draw a turtle facing West in the sand or dirt of an area in need of rain. The stick is then driven into the ground so that it remains protruding from the turtle's back. The time required for the action to take effect varies from one account to another, ranging from occurring instantaneously to taking several days.
The practice has become somewhat common with surveyors, hunters, ranchers, gardeners and other people working outdoors, particularly in the Western United States.[1] Some people that work outside and rely on favorable work conditions might draw this, in hopes that it will rain and will get them out of work. Getting caught doing this at a job site might result in the person that drew it to get into trouble.

   Oh and just in case you are wondering, my computer desk faces south, so the above turtle is facing West.  I'm hoping for quick results (I wonder if their is a Rain Rabbit?)

   I had to add this video just so I could remember what rain sounded like.

   I miss rainy weather...

And now I would like to end this post with a simple prayer for some much needed rain...

“God, you send rains in season. It is a season of need in Texas. Send more rain to that parched land and more again across all the thirsty southern states. Find a small and willing cloud sitting bored over some vacant part of the Caribbean, and give it a push toward Houston. Make a Hurricane, perhaps, not strong enough to destroy, but filled with warmed moisture and send it North. We ask you for rain. Let the drought unite many millions to ask you for help. We trust in you. You made the world to need the waters of heaven. You made the world to need the waters of life. You are the source of rain. We ask you. Let it rain. In Jesus name.”

Posted by Mark Herringshaw 

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