Friday, January 7, 2011

Reconnect this year ...

  This time of year I always seem to get melancholy.  Maybe it is because the hustle and bustle of the Holidays are over.  Maybe it is because a new year has started and we tend to stop and take stock of what we got out of the previous year and what we want out of the new year.   What ever the reason, I think a lot more about friends and family that are no longer around and wish I could talk to them.

    As we get older, we tend to realize how important our friends and family are to us.  Unfortunately a lot of the time we remember them, when it is too late.

   This year why not pull out your old address book and take the time to call an old friend to talk, or visit that Aunt or Cousin you haven't seen in a while.  If you reconnect with one person every month, that's 12 people ... once a week ... that's 52.  Why not spend a few minutes and connect with your pass .

   I am notorious about thinking of people and never getting around to contacting them.  My ESP just doesn't seem to work, or if it does it only works one way and I don't get a reply.

   If you are one of my many friends or family, I haven't forgotten about you, I just seem to have forgotten how to pick up the phone and dial. 

This song reminds me that you never know when it will be too late...

(Hankie alert ... this is a tear jerker, get out the tissue now...)