Friday, June 3, 2011

Forget the back, poor me...

   You know the old joke about your back goes out more than you do....

    Well, my back decided to go out today, and hasn't gotten back yet... or at least not in a correct UN-painful position. But then it could be that it just pissed the muscles off by going out without them.
   What ever the cause, the rest of me is left to suffer the consequences. That means it is really hard to sit for long or stand or squat.

   What even worse … I know how to pick things up and bend and everything to prevent this from happening.  I was a pain therapist. I taught people how to take care of their backs. Okay I lectured most of them, but hey they wouldn't listen.... just like me.
   I told them over and over "do as I say....NOT as I do".

   Oh well I guess I will head to the bed with an ice pack and pout because once again my back went out without me.

Oh well, the upside of this is no housework...

I use to have this book... It has some great exercises in it 
for back pain as well as the correct posture to prevent it.