Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am an Exceptional person...

   I have discovered something about myself and my life.  I am an exceptional person.  I don't know how I was chosen to be exceptional and sometimes I wish I wasn't, but that is my life. 
   What makes me such an exceptional person you may ask.  It is this...I am the exception to the rule.  I know you have all heard the saying there is an exception to every rule.  For good or bad, that's me. 
   When we started to build or add on to all of the houses we have owned, we would go to the hardware store to get something we need.  The “expert” would tell us 9 times out of 10 this will do the trick.  Guess what ours was the ten. 
      When I started getting short of breath and having cramping in my chest,  the doctor assure me that most of the time it was a panic attack brought on by stress.  I should just try to lessen the stress in my life.  (Just how do you do that????  Life is stressful.)   When it kept up, he sent me to a Cardiologist, who told me I had an irregular heart beat and a possible hole in the anterior heart wall.  He said it is nothing to be concerned with most women develop an irregular beat after 50.   Uh, I was 40.
   Now that I am over 50 everyone has decided that I need to get a cardiac cauterization to check the possible hole.  By everyone I mean 3 different Cardiologists.  Not to worry most of the counties around here have agencies that will help out with payments on the test.  (Did I mention because of the problem I can't work so I have no insurance.)  Guess which county I live in... That's right the one that doesn't.  I have spent the last 2 years trying to find away to get this done.  Hey I know I will eventually find the exception, but man the hunt is wearing me out.
   But before you start thinking we are the Murphys, let me tell you.  There are the good exceptions too.  I was a pain therapist at a doctor's office.  After the patients where operated on the Doctor would send them to me for therapy.   He told me afterwards that my patients got more range of movement back than he ever thought was possible.  They were the exceptions to the rule.
   We had been told our dog would not survive Parvo.  The Vet said 17 out of 20 puppies he saw did not make it.  Chance lived to be almost 17 years old.  He was the exception.
   Our dog Bear disappeared one day out of our yard.  We looked for him daily for months.  Everything we heard was that after that long, we would probably never see him again.  Then one night there was a noise outside the door in the yard.  Our other dogs ran out the door and Bear ran in.  After 8 weeks he returned very skinny and with heart worms but he was back.  After a couple of weeks of treatment for the heart worms.  He was back to his old self and stayed around for another 10 years. 
   Our plants don't like the area or pot we put them in they will not survive, so say the experts.  Just don't tell the plants will you, apparently they don't know they are exceptions to the rule.
   Oh, and did I mention we have gone through 2 hurricanes.  One in a mobile home and one in the shell of the home we are building.  There was no damage to the structures.  The trees all missed the houses, some times by mere feet.

   So you see, every time I hear someone say 9 times out of 10 or most of the time its...  I just remind myself there are exceptions to every rule and good or bad, WE are exceptional.

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                          “Nature provides exceptions to every rule.”
                                  Margaret Fuller (1810 - 1850)

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