Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer has arrived. Let the complaining began.

   All winter we sit indoors and complain because we want to be outside.  In the garden, at the park, on the beach, or anywhere but inside.  Then low and behold its summer.  That magical season we have been dreaming about.  So what do we do... We run outside, over do it, and start a whole new set of complaints.
    The garden is being over run by too many of the wrong bugs and not enough of the right bugs.  Bees are great in the garden. Ants are not, the dang leaf cutter ants took every plant in an entire row overnight.  You love the butterflies, but hate the caterpillars (almost as bad as the ants).
   The park is too crowded, the Frisbee players don't look where they are going, and you wind up playing defense while you try to relax. ( Have you seen the wine bottle juggling scene in Pink Panther 2, yeah like that.)  Or you are the Frisbee player and forget you haven't done anything more athletic than lift the remote for the last 5 months.  Don't worry you muscles will tell you all about it later.
   The beach is crowded and the sand is too hot.  You have totally forgotten over the winter how sand has a way of getting into places you don't want it to get into.  The water is relaxing though, so much so it can lull you a sleep and you wake up with a severe sunburn
   This is what we waited for all winter.... Sure is
   So grab the lawn chairs, a bottle of wine,  the sunscreen, and head out.  We can always complain later, but right now I've got some summer plans.

I'm a coffeeholic...

I'm a coffeeholic.  There I said it.  I love the smell, and taste of a good cup of coffee (or even a bad cup some mornings).  This is a problem when you have a heart condition.  When the cardiologist told me to cut down of the caffeine, I almost called him a few choose government words.  But then I realized two things...1) He said cut down, not give up....2) If something happened to me, who would take care of J and the dogs.  I mean I haven't even told him where I keep his credit cards.  (Oh, come on ladies, we always go together, and you know his wallet is going to end up in your purse anyway,so why carry two.)
So I decided I would cut back.  But how.  I drink coffee subconsciously.  I pour a cup and the next thing I know its empty. I don't have any memory of drinking it, (No, I'm not that old).  Maybe I have coffee gremlins. 
Then the answer hits me... I'm lazy.  So I started using one of those old dinner coffee cup, you know like on the newest movie of Indiana Jones.  It worked great.  The cup is only 6oz, and I don't like to keep getting up to refill it.  And as an added bonus the coffee stays warm to the end, or at least I think it does.  I still don't remember drinking it....

                                              Ah ha,  I KNEW IT.....