Friday, September 17, 2010

Muses day off...

   Just wanted to tell you if you stopped by for my #fridayflash I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you.  It seems my Muses have been invited to a Wedding this week.  Apparently the caterer is a real hot head and they just had to go watch the fireworks.  They said it should be one helluva party. 
   I haven't been feeling to good this week.  Nothing serious just a dang summer cold with a cough that wont quite.  So I have been spending a lot of time sleeping and taking liquids.  I hate summer colds.  Don't they know how miserable it is to run a fever in this heat.  Add my fall allergies on top of it and I get knocked for a loop. 
   I am feeling much better but my mind is still fuzzy from the medicine.  Since I learned a long time ago to never write for very long without my mind,  I'm going to take the Muses up on their offer to go with them.   
   See you guys later.  Oh and if you want to join us here is the address.  I'm sure Laura wont mind. 

Speaking of Laura have you checked out her latest book yet?
Well what are you waiting for, go check into it.