Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a Dad...

   I saw an article in the Houston Chronicle about the "Wave at The Bus" Dad. If you haven't seen this check it out.

   This dad gets up everyday of the school year and waves his teenager off to school on the bus. Sounds sweet doesn't it....Well... He waves every morning in a different costume. Yes, you read that right...costume. The Little Mermaid, a Pirate, a blushing BRIDE..(yes, he wore a real wedding dress.) just to name a few.

   This dad and the whole family have been written up in numerous papers. Is it embarrassing to his son... of course, that's the whole point. But the kid has a great attitude about it too.

   All I have to say is....

"Way to go Dale. I wish there was someone like you in my neighborhood. If there was I think I would become a morning person just to see you wave."

  Check out their website for the pictures. Since I didn't have permission to post one yet, I didn't.
But you have to see these costumes.  Click here for Wave at the Bus.

In honor of Dale's White Wedding Wave...

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