Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Nest...Eagles Nest...

   There was a story in our area newspaper at the first of the month about a live cam on a Bald Eagles nest. The nest had 3 eggs that were expected to hatch any day . This is a video of the 2nd egg to hatch.

   They say the nest is 80 feet in the air. It is 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep and weights about 1000 lbs. Wow... I could fit in that nest. Though I probably weight more than the eagles do.

   If you would like to see a live shot of the nest you can go to this link and see whats happening now.
Raptor Resource Project.

  You will see the mom and dad feeding and caring for the young ones. It you squeamish I must warn you about the dead animals they bring to the nest to eat. I found it fascinating, but then I am a little weird.

Or so I have been told.

A bald eagle.Image via Wikipedia

   There are actually Bald Eagles that live around our area. We see them flying over head every once in awhile. They are huge and their shadow covers more than half of our roof. It is an amazing thing to see.

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