Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open house...

  I discovered something about myself, I'm a peeping Tom or Tammy.  I really enjoy looking in other peoples houses.  No not in the way you think.  I like to see how they make their house, their home.
  Everything in the house reflex their taste and their creativity or lack there of.  I use to go to new subdivisions and walk through the builders model homes.  I went to trade shows to tour RVs and boats.   I would look a home magazines.  On vacation I would tour older homes on historic tours.  I liked to see what decorating and space saving ideas I could steal, ah incorporate in my own home.
   But I have now hit the jackpot.  Online there are millions of people around the world inviting me into their homes to look around.  I can look as long as I want, take my time and explore.  They want me to see their homes.  They open the closets and let me have a look inside.
   Why because they want to sell their house.  I have seen places that invite you to sit down have a drink and relax.

   I have seen places that look like a decorator lives there, and others that left the decorator in tears.  Yard that say a gardener lives here and yards that say what's a gardener?  View that move you to tears and view that would have you closing the curtains.  Bathroom the size of most people's master bedroom and others that make the one on the plane look big.

House on top of mountains ...

and houses under the ground...

   You name it, it's out there.  All waiting for you drop by and explore. Without a Realtor following you around, looking at their watch.  You just can't peek in the medicine cabinets.

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