Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wish list Wednesday...

   Since last weeks wish list was postponed due to the electric going out and frying the modem, it got me thinking about emergencies, power falures and *SHUDDER* hurricanes.

   So my practical wish this week is....

   Aladdin Mantle lamps... they put off a lot more light than candles and other wick type lamps... or so a lot of bloggers out there have told me.  With the lights going off during storms.... or when the power company trims the trees and knocks it out by accident....these would we great to have around.

   You should see the collection they have.  If you think they are too expensive for emergencies only, plan a lights out family night.  Light the lamps, pull out the boardgames, and reconnect with those strangers  who live under your roof.

  Of course I already have candles, flashlights and wick lanterns...but would you just look how these look. Who wouldn't want one.

    Of course my all time wish for this situation would be....

   Lights go out a minute later... let there be light.  It should even keep the modem up. Oh and the freezer going, that is always a good thing. 

And lets not forget the coffee maker...

Coleman 14-Cup Enamelware Coffee Percolator
I guess I need one of these until then.

    What would I wish to learn....

    How to knit. My Aunt Darla taught me when I was little but I forgot.  I really would like to learn again and get good at it. 

The types of yarn out there are so great. The colors are pretty and the varieties.  Wool...what kind? Alpaca, cashmere, merino, washable wool, blended.

   Of course, I can crochet and I love it. But the patterns you can create with knitted stitches are so great. I would love to be able to make my own funky socks and sweaters.

   Who do I wish I could have lunch with this week, hmmm....

     How about Ron Howard... yep, Opie, Richie Cunningham...him.

Henry Winkler and Ron HowardImage by New England Secession via Flickr

   And of course, my last wish is that the DSL is never down and my muses are always up.
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