Monday, January 31, 2011

Congratulations Josh...

   It's official ...

   I can no longer keep up with my nephew's logic.  I wont say he is smarter than I am (he would never let me forget it, if I did), but I just tried to follow a comment string on facebook between him and some of his friends.  They were debating philosophy statements.  WTF???  I was lost on planet Earth, while they were talking in the stratosphere above me.  I now have a headache and a creak in my neck from looking up.

   I should have known better than to try to keep up with college students.  Especially this one.  He was always to smart for our own good, and now he has gone and surpassed himself...

   He has made the DEAN'S LIST in his first freshman semester taking sophomore classes at a TIER ONE university.

   My chest swelled with pride so much, I had to change from a medium to extra large shirt.  (....It was pride not the fudge brownies I made this weekend, I promise.  Besides if my brownies could make your chest bigger instead of your stomach, I would be rich.)

  So I would like to take this moment to announce to the world and my nephew...

“Congratulations Josh on being so smart and being a great guy.  Keep up the good work. I love ya...”

   Now if you would excuse me I have to go set off the fireworks display,

Photo of Team Singapore fireworks display from...Image via Wikipedia

pay the skywriter

and find an extra-extra large shirt.....maybe I should just go with a 3X instead.

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