Friday, October 22, 2010

Night of the Hunter's Moon (#Fridayflash, Monster Mash)...

   Welcome to a combination #fridayflash and Roh Morgon's Monster Mash blogfest post.  This is the first time I have entered a blogfest.  But I have a soft spot for monsters, especially this time of year. I mean what is October without Dracula, Frankenstein and pals.  That is like Christmas without Santa and his elves.  And I'm pretty sure that's illegal.


Night of the Hunter's Moon....

  The light from the Hunter's Moon bathed the old Victorian house on the dead end road at the edge of town. All the rooms downstairs were lit by the flickering of gas lights and candles.  Through the windows the women inside could be seen hurrying around getting ready for the  party.

  “Now remember when Vlad get here, DON'T mention anything to do with Hollywood this year.” Broom-Hilda said as she arranged the hors d'oeuvres .
The young ghost setting the table asked. “Why ever not?”
“Oh, that's right. You weren't around at last years party.” Frank's wife said as she gave her hair a quick glance in the mirror. “Well, someone mentioned that horrid new Underworld movie and Vlad went into a rage. He went on about how Hollywood never gets anything right.  Everyone KNOWS that he, Vladamir Dracul, was the first and most powerful vampire.”
Broom-Hilda took up the story, “He raged on and on how the monsters today.... Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and that one in the hockey mask ... Jason Voorhees where just glorified Zombies made up by men with computers. They would never stand a chance back in Transylvania. How this younger generation has no respect or manners. They don't even wait to be invited into a house.”

  “Broomy,” Ilona interrupted, “You are talking with your wand again. You have spilled half the snails and toad hoppers on the floor.”
“Oh brother. Get back here.” Broom-Hilda quickly waved her wand at the hors d'oeuvres headed to the open door.
“Well I think a lively discussion helps make an interesting party.” ghost said, as she floated back to admire her handiwork.

  Mo'r, the older of the two banshees overheard her comment and called through the kitchen doorway, “ are new. Vlad is anything but Lively. He flew into such a rage, we had to nail him into his coffin. He was determined to fly to California and turn the City of Angels into the City of the Dead. Though with some of those people, I don't think anyone would know
the difference. I can't find any more type O blood.”
Broomy yelled back, “It's in the cellar next to the eye of newt. ”

  There was a howl at the door and Lupa hurried in. “Sorry I'm late I had to send Wolfy a howl-mail to come through the western woods. The townspeople are watching the roads.” She gave Broom-Hilda a quick hug, “Missed you at bridge.”
Broomy returned the hug and explained, “I had to attend the Fairy Tale Villain's dinner. I swear if I had heard Fe Fi Foo Fum just one more time I was going to turn that blasted giant into a beanstalk and chop him down myself. I can't believe I fell for those smooth talking Brothers Grim.”

  Countess Bathory came in and place the new decanter of blood in the bar. “Broomy there is the most horrible racket coming from the brambles in the back. It sounds like Ramses.”
Broom-Hilda turned to her sister, “Helga, you did remember to turn off the no trespassing spell didn't you?”

  Helga's eyes flew open wide and she sprinted for the door yelling, “Hold on Ramses...I'm coming.”
The Countess laughed, “I take it that is a no. You better send someone out with a robe. You know how bad he got tangled up last time.”
Honora the youngest banshee grabbed up a robe threw an “I'll do it”, over her shoulder as she headed through the door, running so fast her white hair streamed behind her like a wild mustang at full gallop.
The other ladies laughed and turned their attention back to the decorated room to admire their handiwork. “Well, I guess that's it.” Lupa said as she picked up the chair Honora in her haste had knocked over.

  Glancing out the window she announced, “Here come the men.”
Broom-Hilda led the others to the hall and threw open the door to Frankenstein, The Wolf man, and Count Dracula. “Welcome, Welcome. Come right on in the party is ready to start.”
Vlad handed Broom-Hilda his cloak and informed her the invisible man and Mr. Hyde were on the road behind them. He then kissed his brides hello and followed the others into the dinning room.

  Mr. Hyde hurried up the walk talking to the air beside him. He handed over his cloak and hat, and headed toward the others.
Before the Invisible Man crossed the hall, Broom-Hilda stopped him and held up two wristbands, “Griffin. Please be so good as to wear these. The ladies want to see where your hands are.” She quickly hung up the cloaks and followed him.

  As she entered she announced to the room, “Everyone, Please, have a drink. Don't worry about anything. We have plenty of coffins and beds for everyone. ...Ah, the band has started to play in the courtyard. Feel free to grab a partner and dance. We hired the “Crypt Kicker Five.”
Lupa grabbed the Wolf man, “Come on Wolfy, let's let the fur fly!” She dragged him to the courtyard behind Frank and his wife. Griffin was dancing with Mo'r, his wristbands glowing in the moonlight.

  Ramses, in the borrowed robe, led Honora to the floor, much to her delight. Dracula was dancing with all three of his wives. Mr. Hyde threw an arm around Broom-Hilda and pulled her onto the floor. The party was off to a smashing success.
   At a break in the music Boris and Igor burst into courtyard, “Sorry we're late but we just came from seeing that new Saw movie and...” Boris's voice faded off as Dracula's eyes started to glow red.

   Frankenstein shook his head and said, “I'll get the nails.. .”

©2010 Pamela Jo