Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just needed something wild and crazy...

   We had a rough couple of days out here in the woods.  The temps dropped to the mid twenties at night.  No big deal except we don't have central heat or any heat beside a little ceramic room heater.  So we stayed in bed under the covers and watched DVD's and drank lots of hot coffee and hot cocoa and hot whatever.  The days warmed up to the 60s so that's not bad.

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   Then yesterday the weather warmed up a lot, but  Jack started having chest pains so off to the ER we go. Not only were we in there for 6 hours, the staff didn't look at all like they do on TV.

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   They kept him overnight for observation, but sent me home.  They said it was because he had a roommate.  But I think they were getting annoyed because I kept asking the people in ICU to let me know when Death and Chronos show up because I want to meet them.
   Anyway they released him today with more prescriptions.  I do believe all Doctor's own of stock in the drug companies and are trying to increase their dividends.

   So after the wild and crazy week we have been having I decided I really needed this today...

   You just can't be upset with Steve Martin playing.  Wait I have got to see this again...

   Yep, all better now.  Thank you so much Steve Martin.

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