Friday, August 13, 2010

Safe Drivers ???

  When family and friends get together you can learn so much about the people you thought you knew well.  All you have to do is listen...

   When our family gets together for weddings and such, you see people you haven't seen in years.  Everyone start reminiscing about the old days when they where younger.  I always like to listen in on the stories they share.  They get so wrapped up in the stories that they forget that your there and don't sensor them.

    At my sister's wedding a cousin and I sat in the living room with all the Uncles and Grandfather's and listened to the stories.   What did we find out?
    These men sitting in front of us ... the same ones who lecture us on our driving ...  Who tell us daily to be careful ....  And complained loudly that we drove too fast, when we drive 6 miles over the speed limit.  So what were they reminiscing about ... Drag Racing.


   These same men use to meet every week and hold drag racing events.  They talked about the cars and how they would spend every penny they had trying to build the perfect car.  They talked about the engines they rebuilt and blew up in the races.
   How nobody could ever beat my Granddad's blue Ford Fairlane with the big cop car engine in it. 

    My Uncle's tbird had come close until he souped up the engine so much it blew up during one of the races.

   The talked about the red sports car my Dad had that he loved to drive, until he spun out and wrecked it. They tried to recall exactly how many cars each of them had wrecked drag racing.
   These are the men that complained that we didn't know how to drive safely.  These are the men that  had made such a big deal out of hitting a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot and scratching the bumper.  These men told us daily how we needed to be better drivers, and stay within the speed limits. 
   These are the safe drivers, who took it upon themselves to educate us on the way to drive.  And educate us they did.
   My cousin and I just sat there smiling, listening ...... and taking notes.