Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank goodness it's Friday...

   TGIF.  It's Friday and all over people are getting ready to go out.  Lots of people are performing their Friday rituals.  Call friends find out where everyone is going.  Leave work.  Stop at the ATM.  Run home shower and change into their club clothes.  Run through the drive-thru to get something to eat.  No time to make something or sit down you got places to be.  Get to the club before 8pm so you don't have to pay the cover charge. Woo hoo let the good times roll.
   If your really low on cash that week, you change at work and hit happy hour.  A lot of the clubs lay out really good buffets.  In fact, you could eat dinner almost every night for the price of one drink.  When I use to teach dance, the teachers did this a lot.  We could tell you what clubs served meatballs in barbecue sauce and nachos, and who served steaks and crab legs.  Needless to say we tried to hit the latter the most.
   I am not a big drinker, so I was the designated story teller.  While others would drink, I would watch.  It never failed a friend would call me the next morning and ask what happened the night before.  Did I really do what so and so said.  Boy, the things you see when you pay attention.  It's  a whole new show every night.  You always saw some girl falling all over some guy (usally when his girlfriend wasn't looking).  Some guy was hitting on every girl he could, and how they looked depended on how late it got.
   It never ceased to surprise me how brazen both the men and women could get.  I once had a guy come up to me while we were watching a couple of really good dancers on the floor.  He said their good.  I said yes they are.  And then he said want to come home with me tonight.  I said nope, bye, and he left.  I wonder if that ever worked for him, I mean he didn't even ask my name. 
   Another time I was with a friend of mine who's husband was in the band.  A really drunk girl came up to us and said I just want you to know your husband is coming home with me tonight.  My friend didn't even bat an eye.  She looked at her and said just tell him his clothes will be on the front lawn.
   Those are only two of a million stories, but I think I'll save the others for now.  I mean it's Friday and you've got places to go.  So just remember when you go out this weekend, it's a lot more entertaining...and less painful to be the designated story teller.  Why not try it.

                             There bound to be some good stories here...                               

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