Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gone Too Soon...

                   Your spirit continues to soar,
                          Fly on sweet angel.

                                       Victoria Carol Foutz
                                   April 14th, 1986 -- April 18th, 2004

Today's blog is dedicated to a beautiful young lady that I knew. She was all girl and all teenager. Which meant that even though she loved her parents dearly, they didn't know what they were talking about. Just ask her. 

This typical young teen didn't get the chance to find out, her parent's knew a lot more than she thought they did. She will be missed by all the people she has touched in her short life.  But I know she is watching us now. Victoria you are missed by all of us.

Victoria's parents are in the process of writting a book. I will let everyone know when it is out.  If you would like to leave comments for them, I will pass them on.  Thank you all.