Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's almost here...

Can you beleive it tomorrow is April 1st and the beganing of the A to Z challange.

So are you ready?

(Humm, coffee....check, computer...check, wine...check, number to the funny farm...check, okay I think I'm as ready as I will ever be. Dang it, I forgot to take that speed-reading course.) 

Have you already got some of your post done?

(Crap is it the end of March already...I had better get by butt in gear.)

Are you doing a Theme? I know Laura Eno is all about Immortals, myths and legends I can't wait.

(It's spring right... I think I will do wildflowers of Texas. And what ever else pops into my head. Hey, it's really crowded up there. Sometimes I just can't keep it all in.)

Have you warmed up? You know you need to stretch your fingers, brain and eyes you don't want to get injured do you.

(Okay, eyes ....left...right...left...right...)

Here is the schedule of post....

Why not join the fun. Click on the badge on the left side bar to sign up. There are already 1500 bloggers signed up.

(1500... I need more coffee ... and more wine....)

Ready.... Set..... GO...