Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Gardening Angel and me

My gardening angel has been at it again.  I looked in the compost pile and there is a big beautiful watermelon or cantalope vine. Not sure which on I let you know when they set fruit. I don't know just how she does it. She must have a special planting dust that she uses. Last year I walked out the back gate and under the pine trees at the end of our property was about 15 to 20 cherry tomatoe plants full of tomatoes. Growing in the shade through the weeds, and no staking. I planted mine in the garden with no weeds and they died!  This year I can to the relization I wasn't a gardening angel who could just throw out the seeds and grow big beautiful plants with bountiful harvests. I had to put in the work. Turn the soil, till in the compost, and raise the bed. Add the furtilizer and water...water...water.   And last but not least pray that the leaf cutter ants, grass hoppers, and other insects would get lost on the way to the plants. We wont even talk about the daily fight with the weed demon (if there's a gardening angel, then there has to be a weed demon). Man I really hate that guy.  Last year he fooled me into thinking my spinach was grass when it came up. Needless to say I didn't have a big crop. If it hadn't been for my gardening angel hiding some of the plants until I could tell what they really were, I wouldn't have grown any. Well, at least this year my onions, bell peppers, squash, and others are doing good. At least they look good. Now if they would just set more than a couple of vegetables....

Hey you think google is trying to tell me something?  As soon as I wrote this I noticed there was an ad for back ache?  Google earth really can get close can't they?