Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to the Season of Manic Depression...

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   Is it just me are do find yourself loving and dreading this time of year?

   I go from laughing and singing along with the radio or the muzak in the stores, to crying at the drop of a hat (or the airing of the Christmas commercials ).   I feel like I am on a roller coaster of highs and lows from mid November until January 3rd, when the post holiday blues set in.

   When I was a child the excitement just kept building right up to Christmas.  The only tears were when the misfit toys thought they were going to be left out of Christmas again, or when Frosty melted.  Oh and the tantrums we threw when we were finally made to go to sleep.  What child sleeps during Christmas, there is just too much to enjoy.

   When we were young, Christmas dragged getting here and all the gifts just appeared under the tree.  Mom, Dad, Grandparents and all the Aunts and Uncles loved the crayon pictures you drew and the hand prints in plaster .  Try getting by giving those as gifts now.

   As adults we know that the gifts have to be put under the tree, oh and the tree has to be bought as well.  The list of things to do gets longer and longer and time goes quicker and quicker.  The pressure seems to build because we want to provide our children with the Christmases we had or as we remember them.

   How on earth did my Mom get all the cards sent out, the house decorated, gifts bought and wrapped, the cookies made, plus get all of us to the Christmas shows at school and church.  I get tired just thinking about it.

   But mostly, when we were children the whole extended family on both sides got together during December to celebrate together.  Now a days everyone lives to far away and are too busy to get together.  There are also too many who no longer here.

  As adults we find ourselves yearning for the childlike wonder and magic of the season, but having the reasonable adult mind that keeps pulling back the damn curtain to revel the mechanical workings.  We find ourselves caught in the turbulent waters between magic and reality. 

  So do I still love Christmas ... you bet I do.  The magic is still there, just look in the eyes of a child or an elderly man or woman when they see a simple gift given with love.  I have lots of great memories to visit with this time of year, and more to make.  But I will always take time for the tears, it's just part of the season, and my way of saying I miss you and love you always to all those who can't be here.

Now get the tissue ready.... This is one of my all time favorite tearjerkers.

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