Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Weaker Sex???

   I thought today, I would share a story with you that my fiancée told me.   My fiancée was a bodybuilder and assistant manager at a gym.  He told me this true story about one of his workout partners.  This was a woman bodybuilder who could bench press 300 lbs.  She came in to workout and told him about her experience the night before.
   That evening she got ready and went to bed as usual.  Early in the morning she was awakened from a sound sleep by an intruder jumping on top of her in the bed. 
   Without hesitating she grabbed him and lifted him bodily off of her.  She threw him to the ground, held him down and called the cops. When the cops arrived they found her sitting on the man waiting for them.  They placed the man under arrest.  Took her statement and hauled him off to jail. 
   When she was asked what she was thinking when she woke up, she said she wasn't.  She was mad that he had the nerve to come into her home and bed.  So she just reacted.
   I know this story is still being told by everyone who knows about it except probably one person.  I am sure he didn't tell a soul about what happened that night and would prefer to forget it himself. 
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