Tuesday, July 27, 2010

George Cochran Lambdin...

   While I was surfing the net ... am I the only one who has a picture of a surfer riding on light beams pop into my head when you hear those words.
   Okay I digress.  While looking on line I found a picture by a painter I had not heard of.  His name is George Cochran Lambdin (1830 – 1896).  I have seen one of his pictures before, but I had never checked out his work.  Now that I have begun blogging I check into everything (oh like you don't), so I looked him up.

   This is what I found...

He was known for his still lives of roses.

He also was fascinated with the Civil War and did several paintings dedicated to it.

               This portrait of Ulysses S. Grant is the one I've seen before.

   This one is a wife sending he husband off to fight, and kissing his sword for luck.

   Lambdin also painted other types of scenes...

I really like Lambdin's style and use of colors.  You almost feel like your eavesdropping on a moment in someones life.  Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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