Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Hurricane season again...

   Here in east Texas it has been raining for 4 days straight thanks to a hurricane named Alex who decided to visit Mexico and Texas.  The sun finally came out today and guess what?  His little sister has decided to trail behind her big brother.  She should be here tomorrow and maybe staying for the weekend.  I just hope none of their bigger relatives decide to come looking for them.  Hurricane Rita came on September 24th, 2005.  Hurricane Ike came on September 13th, 2008.  So we should be good for at least another year.  Just in case I guess I need to double check the Hurricane kit and make sure it is complete.  It's hell trying to find batteries, flashlights, weather band radios and bottles water when there is a Hurricane anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico.
   At least there is a good side to all this rain.  My garden is loving it.  But then so are the weeds the Weed Demon keeps planting.  If this keeps up the weeds just might swallow us up before its dry enough to use the tractor.  The Weed Demon is sooo good at his job.  If only he would use his powers for good instead of evil.

This is what might be coming our way this weekend.  Oh well, I've still got a few books to catch up on, and a couple of crochet projects that need finishing.