Friday, July 16, 2010

Deseption at the Church dinner....

   On quite a few of the blogs I follow, there have been discussions on the dinners and socials at the church.  You got to admit the food is really good there.  All the ladies bring the dish they are famous for. 
   I have been blogging all my Mother's collection of recipes at my other site.  She had recipes she collected since she got married in 1956.  Quite a lot of them given to her by relatives and the Ladies at church. These recipes are bring back a lot of memories for me.
   I just finished typing up a few of the gelatin salads that she has and it reminded me of those family get togethers and church dinners.  We always had great fun at these occasions and we ate a lot.  As kids our favorite part, of course, was desert.  All those cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and if you were real lucky homemake ice cream.  There was always a jell-o salad or  two as well.  Like Bill Cosby always said "There's always room for Jell-o".
   Little did we know that those sweet little ladies where about to play a cruel trick on us.  Behind those sweet smiles lies the evilest of plots.  They looked at us with kind eyes and suckered us right in.  What,  you might ask, did they do?
   Well, let me tell you.  They served this....

 And they served this...

 You tell me which one has the whipped cream and fruit .... and which one has the mayonnaise and vegetables.

   Yes, I know they are both delicious, and I like both of them.  But when your a kid ... and you have your mouth all set for desert ... and bite into mayo and vegetables.... Let's just say their was a lot of yucky faces and spitting going on.  And some of those sweet old ladies ... Laughed.
   To this day I always wait for someone else to take the first bite, to see which one it is.  I just don't trust those sweet smiles and kind eyes on those little old ladies.

   By the way the orange picture above is an Ambrosia Mold... the lemony one is a Holiday Waldorf salad.  Did you  guess right?

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