Friday, October 1, 2010

He Thinks I'm Sweet...

    I would like to thank Al at Publish or Parish for awarding me the Sweet Blog award. Al is an author in Australia who happens to be an outstanding photographer as well. If you haven't dropped by and checked him out you are missing out. His blog is very entertaining, informative and down right good.
The photos he takes of landscapes and birds are breathtaking in their detail. Oh and they make great wallpapers...How do I know this. Check him out here.

    Now the really fun part passing along this award. There are so many really good sweet blogs out there it is really hard to chose, but there are a few outstanding crafty ones I follow. I would like to pass this along to these crafty wonderful people.

Minna at Karuski... she is a wonderful crafter from Finland
Parsley at Seasons of My Mind... another wonderful crafter. I loved her aprons.
Lori at Lorikeet Designs... a fellow classmate now living and scrap booking in Australia.
Danielle at Notes from the Rookery... a great artist in a number of medias.
Stephanie at 50 Toes Photography... The mother of 5 really cute kids...need I say more.

    Please take a moment or two and check out these exceptional people. You will be glad that you did.

    I would like to thank everyone for following, reading and sharing your comments on my blog. I really enjoy having all of you drop by and visiting you as well. As I have said before the passing on of the award is always the most fun and the hardest part of getting an award. I hate choosing between all the really great people out here in blog land. And of course ....

   Okay why are still here reading all this dribble.... Click on the links above and discover some new outstanding people. You can come back later and listen to me.