Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kodak, power cords and Shakes...

   We finally got our Kodak digital camera charged and working again.  After almost 2 years, yes 2 years, of looking for the power cord. I found it the other day.  I knew we had packed it when we moved from the farm.  I just could think of where I put it.  Then I found it in last place I expected it to be.  In the camera case with the camera.  Yes, there it was in the outside pocket. I know I looked there at least a dozen times.  I think Deb and Barbara are right, it must have gone on a secret mission and just returned.  If I spoke power cordese I would ask it, for a future blog of course.  That to find out if it had seen the printer cord.  Yes, I looked in the box...again.
   But now I have a camera to use again.  So in honor of this occasion I have been playing around with the Kodak picture gallery site and taken a picture of our dog Shakes. 

   Look at that sweet face.  I dare you to look into those eyes and not fall head over heals in love.  Is it any wonder she can charm me out of being mad at her.  Now if she would just stay out of my peppers.