Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make My Day...

   I couldn't post this weekend.  I tried believe me I tried.  I sat down thought about what I wanted to say.  I brought up the dashboard and started typing.  I looked at the screen ... and could make out a thing. 
    My keyboard on my laptop was acting up.  The t, u, y and s keys where sticking and wouldn't type.  We cleaned it, sprayed it and dusted it.  We turned it over and literally beat the crap out of it.  Yuck!!!  How did all that get in there anyway? 
    Every time we cleaned on it, I would have to disconnect everything on the laptop.  Then to see if that worked I would need to reconnect the laptop.  Pull up a office program and type.  I felt like I was back in typing class.  AaBbCcDcEeFfGgHh....  Okay so far so good, until I got the Y.  No matter what we tried or how many times we cleaned...it would not work.  I never realized how many times you use the Y key.  Until I tried to get around it.
   I was getting so frustrated I had to leave the room before I did something drastic.

   Yesterday we finally had to pull out an old keyboard rewire it and plug that in.  Now I'm back in business.  I guess I really cant blame the laptop.  It was used when I got it.  And it was used by a serious, very excitable gamer.  The poor thing has more than done its duty. 
   While the laptop it self keeps going like the energizer bunny,Ty Energizer Bunny (Walgreens Exclusive) Beanie Baby
the keyboard is running out of steam.  I guess its time to take it in and have it professionally cleaned and serviced.
   But that would mean I would be with out it .... Oh no... can't breathe .... Relax.  Take deep breaths and think of my happy place.