Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for...

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    It has arrived the April 1st. The beginning of the A to Z challenge, also known as April Fool's Day. Hmm, I wonder if that is intentional.

  If you are new to my blog, Welcome. If not, well you know are welcome, just don't expect me to put out the good china. You guys have already seen the everyday stuff with the chipped edge.

   This year I decided to go with a Theme for the challenge. That theme is Texas Wildflowers in honor of spring. So come on along for the ride through Texas as she shows off her colors. And just think you don't have to by gas.

Ladies and Gentlemen (and all the rest of you too) let's get this show on the road.

   We start the month with... "Arrowwood Viburnum" Viburnum dentatum also known as "Southern Arrowwood". This shrub grown in the sandy soils of east Texas. The Native Americans would use the straight branches to make their arrows, thus the name. This plant blooms from April through July.

Viburnum dentatum
Picture from University of Texas Plant Resource Center