Thursday, August 19, 2010

My editor....Miss Foxy....

                     I would like you all to meet my Editor.  Miss Foxy. 

                            She is always watching everything I type.

   In the mornings, she gets out of bed and leads me to the computer and waits for me to sit down and get started.  If I take too long she will come and get me.
   She is a slave driver.  I am not allowed to leave the computer for long than 5 minutes or she starts yelling loudly for me to get back to work
   While helping me work on the blog on Dogs the other day, she feel asleep.  I published it before she okay-ed the pictures and the final copy.
   Believe me she was not happy when she looked on line and found out that not only did I not give her editorial credit, I did not include her picture.  She is still giving me the cold shoulder.
    You have never really been snubbed until you have been snubbed by a dog.  They follow you around and sit right in front of your feet with their back turned to remind you just how wrong you are.  I was tired of tripping over her, so I gave in.
   To make up for that faux pas I had to promise her her own blog with pictures.  Hopefully I will be forgiven soon.

                  She takes her job seriously.... She even edits my dreams.

Edited by Miss Foxy....okay, am I forgiven yet!!!!


Fickle Cattle said...

She looks freakishly intelligent. :-)

Parsley said...

Truly...I understand why your 'editor' snubbed you. Come where credit is due! LOL

I have a monster that pouts and snubbs me when I pay attention to the other dogs. See yesterday's post and see for yourself. Naughty, haughty monster dog!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

She is so sweet! Makes me miss my dog that I had to give up (to an amazing home I might add). She didn't get along with my daughter too well. I miss her more lately, since its coming to the date that I gave her up a year ago! :(

Theres just life said...

Hi Fickle Cattle. Thanks for dropping by. Yes she is very intelligent. All most to smart for our own good.
Hi Parsley, I looked at you monsters. They are great. And I think Foxy has finally forgiven me.
Hi Blogger Girl. I know you miss her, at least you still get to see her. They do have away of worming their way into our hearts.

Al said...

She knows who rules the roost, that is for sure!

Theres just life said...

Al you better believe it. She will jump up on the couch so she will be eye to eye with the bigger dogs when she is telling them off.

Sandra said...

She is cute! I could handle having her sit at my feet...even if her back is turned...too funny!

Theres just life said...

I miss my Foxy. Passed away Saturday night 8-13-2011, at her post by my desk.