Saturday, May 17, 2014

Night Sky Surprise ---A Short Story

Alright folks. I had another assignment.

   This time I was to turn on the radio and make note of the first thing I heard. I was then to write a short story of no more than 500 words about it.

   So I turned on the radio and the news channel was on. Being how it was after Midnight, there was no news. It was Coast to Coast AM, and what do I hear... the host and the guest are discussing triangular UFOs and the debate of whether they are military craft or extraterrestrial.

   Okay, this is going to be real interesting, I didn't know there was such a think as a triangular UFO.

   So I did a quick internet search and came across the Phoenix Lights story. Hmm, okay now I got an idea....

Night Sky Surprise

John and Amy decided to spend the night star gazing. By the time they reached the hillside, the faint sliver of moon had just set. The night was cold and clear. The darkness so thick you could feel it. A perfect night to watch the stars. John easily swung the big backpack with the telescope and blankets off his broad back. After handing Amy the blankets, he turned to set up the telescope. Amy spread out the blankets on the grown, her mom's yellow patchwork quilt seemed to glow against the dark grass. This had always been her families favorite spot to star gaze, and now that John didn't have any games he could join her. The temperature was making a quick run through the 40s as it headed for the upper 30s. Amy shivered in John's leather varsity jacket and wrapped it tighter around her small body. Pushing her long brown hair back inside her knitted cap she re-wrapped the long scarf her Aunt had made her. Grabbing the small insulated backpack she had been carrying, she reached inside and pulled out the big thermos of hot chocolate and two mugs. Inside was also an assortment of snacks for latter. The wonderful smell of chocolate drifted to her nose as the steaming liquid filled the mugs. 'Mmmm, was there anything better than the smell of chocolate on a cold night?'
Turning toward John, Amy stopped dead and stared at the horizon.

'What the heck?' She slammed her eyes shut to see if the image would disappear. But when she opened them the pulsing lights were still there. John turned toward with a smile that froze on this lips when he saw her face. 'Oh man. She's white as a sheet.'

Amy. What's wrong?”

She just pointed toward the horizon, as if afraid to make a sound. John glanced up and his eyes widened in shock. Coming toward them were two lines of lights, forming a wide v shape. Behind the lights the stars seemed to have vanished and there was only a black emptiness. The lights slowly glided across the sky without a making so much as a whisper in the night. As they moved overhead, John and Amy could tell the object was some sort of ship. The rounded boomerang design visible against the starry sky. It had to have been almost a mile wide. They continued to watch the giant ship as it crossed the hill and disappeared behind the tall pines at the end of the field.

Amy looked quickly at John to verify he had seen what she did.

Was that what I think it was?”

John nodded slowly and the both said at the same time.

An alien spaceship!”

An experimental Military Plane.”

A WHAT????” they both said while staring at each other like they suddenly gone mad.

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