Sunday, September 11, 2011

And the Winner is....

   Once again we where at our home away from home....the hospital. Since I don't have a wireless tablet or laptop or internet smart phone, I am totally cut off from all my fellow bloggers. Jack keeps saying he wants to get me one, but on a very limited income that is a luxury we can not afford. But we are back now...I hope for quite I have written a short story for you to read. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know how it is and if I could improve on it. Thank you very much for staying with me through out our up and downs.

And the Winner is....

   They only thought they had outgrown us. That they had left us behind with all the other superstitions. But we were there; just under the surface the whole time. Love and Hate are the two sides of the coin of life. There can never be one with out the other. But we are working to flip the coin to our side once and for all.

   We are the Gods and Goddesses of War.
   We have had many names, some well known, some not. Who has not heard the names Ares, Athena, Mars, and Seth, just to name a few. But our names from Babylonian, Assyrian, Mayan, and Aztec times are all but forgotten. The names of Erra, Ashur, Ah Chuy Kak, and Camaxtli are little known in today's world.

   We have worked tirelessly through out history trying many ways to come on top. But there was always someone there to remind people of the good side of man.

   The God of love has many names himself and many helpers. They are always there thwarting our attempts to rule the world of man.

   We can not win the battle face to face. That lesson has been learned well. So how do we win? There has been many a gathering dedicated to this problem until Ictinike came up with the solution...

   The way to win was to not have to face of the God of love. And how do we do that? By using the cover of love and protection to our advantage. We use the fact that the one God of love is known by many names to many people.

   We make man think he is protecting others from hate and intolerance. Because it may upset and cause anguish to the others; man will then forbid one group of the God of love's helpers from speaking out if another group is present. If no one is allowed to speak of love and acceptance, then the emotions of hate, intolerance, and evil will be able to rule. The coin will flip to our side and bury the other side at last.

   Yes, that is the way we will win the battle. We will rule the world and no one will be any the wiser.

©2011 Pamela Jo

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L'Aussie said...

Amazing PJ. Very sobering. And food for thought. I hope u r well again. Horrible to be cut off with no net. Looking forward to more from you.

I posted a 9/11 story today if you'd like to read it.


Theres just life said...

Denise, Of course I want to read it. Jack was the one in most of the time. I was put into observation overnight. Conclusion...stress brought on anxiety attack (for me not him).

Al said...

sobering, and all too much like reality.

Sorry to hear you havn't been travelling too well. I hope it hasn't been too expensive for you.

Anonymous said...

It appears that they HAVE won the battle but maybe, just maybe, not the war.
Keep well.

Laura Eno said...

I'm sorry you and Jack have been having such a rough time of it. Glad you're back home again!

Those gods and goddesses are tricky all right. Your story contains much food for thought.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's twisted.
Sorry you were in the hospital!

Theres just life said...

Al, Yes it is. I got the idea from the mayor of New York not allowing clergy of any faith at the 9/11 memorial.
As for the Hospital, I dread looking at the mailbox.

Delores, It certainly appears that way, but as you said hopefully not the war.

Laura, Those gods and goddesses are tricky, it's time to use their own tactics on them.

Alex, Yes it is. Unfortunately, I did make it all up.

Anonymous said...

Nice allegory. Very poignant and effective, without being heavy handed. I would like to see a little more characterization of the voice you use to tell the story; this voice seems somewhat sad and matter-of-fact, I imagine the god(ess)s of war as being more zealous. I really enjoyed it though. Thanks.