Monday, April 30, 2012

U, V and X are for....

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   I am so far behind, that I will have to do multiple letters. Jack has been back in the hospital. So I was there too. No computer... well no to get to the flowers.

  U is for "Unicorn Plant"   Proboscidea louisianica  subsp.  Fragrans. When you hear the name you might think of this guy or gal...
Unicorns In Water
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 But this flower is actually a member of the common "Devil's Claw". The seed pods of this plant when rip will split in half and hook themselves on to the clothes or fur of anything passing by. The plant grows in West Texas and though an annual it can form clumps up to 6 feet wide. The foliage is sticky and unpleasant smelling with blooms from June through September.

Proboscidea louisianica
Picture from University of Texas Plant Resource Center

    V is for "Violet Ruellia"   Ruellia nudiflora  var.  nudiflora.  This pretty little flower can be found in central and southeastern Texas. It grows anywhere including yards, where it is considered a weed, though a very pretty one. The ruellia blooms from February to November, but more abundently in the early summer. It is sometimes called a wild petunia, but it is not related to the petunia plant at all. The deer love the leaves and bobwhite quail eat the seed of this plant.

Ruellia nudiflora
Picture from University of Texas Plant Resource Center
   No for X. First let me explain when I started these post I decided to use common names instead of scientific. That has worked out great....until now. There is no x common name, so I took a little liberty to post Xtra pictures that I have taken of wildflowers around my area.

Stinging Nettle... I stood waaay back for this one.

This little flower only blooms at night, I had to head out with the flashlight for this one.

  If you would like to see others I have taken check out this blog post... Signs of Spring

Since this is the last day I have another post scheduled for 1:30pm central time so that I may actually finish with everyone else.


Laura Eno said...

You were missed! I'm glad you're both back home now. :)

I never knew there was a plant called a Unicorn!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry he was back in the hospital!

Anonymous said...

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