Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for....

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   This bush is another one of my favorites..."Texas Mountain Laurel" Sophora secundiflora. The flower on this plant smell just like grape Kool-ade, but be warned the bright red seeds are poisonous. This small tree or shrub likes it dry. It happily grows in the limestone areas of Central, Southern, and West Texas. An early bloomer, this plant puts on a show from February to April.

Sophora secundiflora
Picture from University of Texas Plant Resource Center


Laura Eno said...

Sounds pretty deadly around a child, smelling as good as that!

Anonymous said...

some of the most beautiful things can be poisonous
Happy A to Z wkend

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I haven't seen them in Texas, but I've seen other types of mountain laurel before.

Kimberlee Turley said...

I love flowers. I lived in Texas for a while, but never saw one. One of the reasons I was so glad to move again was because most of the flowers I enjoy having in my garden won't grow in the heat.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

So it's kinda like lilac with attitude?

Theres just life said...

Laura, Luckily the seeds don't show up until after the flowers have dropped off.
Hi Ladysknight, Isn't that the truth, both in plant and animal kingdoms.
Alex, Since I am in Texas, I haven't seen others. Do they smell as good as these do?
Kimberlee, we have a great gardening climate year round, but because of that bulbs don't seem to like us much. Can't get those chill hours in.
Cathy, It has a tude alright. Look, smell but touch and I'll kill ya.