Thursday, March 22, 2012

Neat Places to own...

   I have been crusing around the internet and guess what I found. The US government auction site. I thought I would check out what they had and look what I found for sale ....
Gull Island Lighthouse
Orient Point Lighthouse

Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse
Moose Peak Lighthouse

Cheesepeak Lighthouse
(Okay, I think this one would be scary to live-in)

   You can buy the lighthouse but the Coast Guard still comes by to run the light and fog signals. Wait, all those young men in uniform dropping by hmmm.... oh and women too for you guys.

Ready to Retrieve Helo
US Coast Guard Personel
This thing just keeps getting better and better.

   But if a lighthouse isn't up your alley, how about this....

Plum Island, NY
  You can buy your own island. Plum Island is 840 acres with a 9.5 acre facility and comes with marine ferries (the type you ride on the water, not Tinker Bells friends)

   Just think of all solitude you would have to work on those novels you want to write.

   You can check them out for yourself at the Government site here.


Laura Eno said...

You're killing me, Pam! I would love to live in a lighthouse! I don't even want to know how much that would cost though. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You can buy a lighthouse? Now that is wild!

Theres just life said...

Laura, So would I. I have always dreamed of living in one. But the one in Maine they made a special statement about the fog horn and how foggy the coast was. So maybe not that one. Oh and I'm not sure of the cost it's an auction.

Alex, Isn't it. I couldn't believe it when I found it.