Sunday, November 13, 2011

I know. I am behind the times...

   Yes, I know. I am behind the times. I don't have a smartphone. My digital camera is a Kodak with 3.0 pixels. My laptop doesn't have Wi-fi... or sound (it's broken).  Would you believe I listen to music on CDs, you know those things that look like DVD but don't have a picture, only sound. MP3 is just letters and a number to me. Oh and my DVD is not a Blu-Ray either.

Sony Walkman NWZS544PNK

Is it just me or does this remind you of Mickey Mouse?

    I also read books on the go by taking a printed copy with me. My hospital emergency bag contains one or more books, Magazines, puzzle books and crocheting, as well as toiletries and medical records. After all I never know how long I will be there. This last visit was 5 days, and I forgot to pack the book.
   Yes, I know all about the kindles, as everyone from the librarian to the little lady at the hospital gift shop has told me to get one. (I was buying used books to read on my latest stay at the time.) You can't turn on a TV or search the Internet with out knowing that the new Kindle Fire is coming out November 15th.

New Amazon Kindle Fire

   Bloggers and newspaper columnists are all touting the usefulness of all the new technology. Even the owner of the tire store, who hates computers couldn't believe I didn't have a smart phone. He proceed to tell me all the wonderful things his phone could do and why I really needed to get one.

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone (AT&T)

   So what is the hold up, am I just afraid of all the new stuff?

   Heck no. I would love to have the latest and greatest. After all I am one of the few people who bought a RCA disk player when they first came out. Any one remember those things? The movie came on disk the size of vinyl record albums.

   The problem is all this stuff cost money and I tend to spend money on things I want... like electricity, phone service, gas, food. And  a couple of things I don't want like doctor's visits and prescriptions.

   So even though I would love an Ipad or Kindle I am just going to keep on toting my big bag with all the stuff in it back and forth to doctor's and hospitals. Probably more often now according to the Neurosurgeon. But just think I am building my muscles in my arms, while I am waiting to win the lottery.

   So am I the only one without all the new gadgets or does it just seem that way?

***By the way I found all the above items on Amazon.


L'Aussie said...

Hi PJ. Sometimes it seems like everyone has every gadget, but plenty of people prefer the simpler life, so don't sweat it. Smart phones ain't so smart and nothing can replace the feel of a print book in hand, not that I don't buy e-books, just prefer the old-fashioned way.


Theres just life said...

Denise, I like the print books too. A library just isn't a library without them. But boy do they get heavy carting them around.

Stephanie V said...

I had a smart phone and took it back. It was way too intrusive for me. I like print books that I can share with others. I don't need to be connected to the world 24/7. However, I'm not sure I could do without a computer any more.

Diomar said...

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Parsley said...

I am not a gadget person either. I do not have a smart-phone, my camera is a 5 megapixel, and while my husband bought a kindle, I find the printed copy better for me.

I think there is a lot of pressure to aquire things...I'd rather have tea, chocolate, and laughter.

Laura Eno said...

I'm not a gadget person. I don't have a smartphone (hate phones anyway) and don't know how to use any of the mp3 stuff...barely get by working the DVD player. :)
I do have a Kindle though and adore it. In the long run it's saved me money as so many books can be had for much less than paperbacks. I keep running out of room on shelves too.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember laserdiscs!
I have all the new gadgets except a phone. Don't want one. And with an iPad, don't need a Kindle Fire either.

Theres just life said...

Stephnie, I like print also, but like Laura I am running out of room. Plus my tote bag is getting heavier all the time.
Diomar, Thanks for stopping by.
Parsley, Tea, Chocolate and laughter...sounds great to me. I'm in.
Laura, I don't know that much about smartphones, except you can get on the internet and play music on them. Would love a kindle or ipad just to read on the go.
Alex, You remember them, I use to have so many movies on it. Then they came out with VHS and I had to start over, then DVD and now Blu-Ray. It sure is expensive keeping current. So everyone seems to be nixing the smartphone. Would love an ipad. Love my music and books.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I think to each his own. I have a smartphone and love it. I hope to get a Kindle Fire soon. I love printed books, but I'm looking forward to the convenience of the ereader.

inluvwithwords said...

I don't have all the gadgets either. I have no desire to read anything but a printed book and can't imagine myself ever owning an ereader.

Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate) said...

I can barely figure out how to text using my cellphone. An MP3 player? A kindle? An iPod? All things I don't have, and of course I don't know what I'm missing, so I don't miss them. But you're far from alone, believe me!

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one!
I have a basic mobile phone, just for emergencies, and I've recently treated myself to a Blu-ray player but that's about all the new technology I own.
I doubt I'll ever get an Ereader, I love the tactile quality of books to much.

Have a nice week in your corner of Texas.

Theres just life said...

Oh wow, so I am not the only one. I will probably eventually get a some kind of ereader just so I can keep up with all the ebooks I have been given, my laptop is not that ereader friendly. Okay, it's not the laptop so much as the desk and chair.

Pamela Jo

Anonymous said...

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