Monday, June 27, 2011

Sending Out My Love...

     I was reading today about an old school friend, who is losing his brother to cancer. It reminded me that we never really know how long we will have on this earth. No matter what it is never as long as we think it is.

    In away a terrible disease maybe a blessing in disguise. It gives us the kick in the pants we need to talk and make our peace with each other. To tell the person how much we love them and reminisce about all the good times.

   When we lose them suddenly, everything we wanted to say remains unsaid. We wind up carrying around the guilt that we never really found the time for that phone call, to drop that card in the mail or even to email them.

   You know it is so easy to forget to let those you love the most know about it. We find it really easy to say I love that song...I love that book... OMG I loved him/her in that. We find it so easy to express our love for inanimate items, shows, stars, food, animals, you name it we LOVE it.

   But when it comes to those really close to us....we don't say the words. I guess we automatically assume since we know it … they know it.

   But do they?

   Think about it. Do you know for sure what is in the minds of your brother, sister, mother, father, or child? Do you know for sure without a single doubt your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend loves you? How about the cousin, Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent you haven't seen or spoken with in over a year?

   How about your best friend of all times, the one you argued with the last time you spoke to them? You don't even remember what the argument was about now. Oh, but surely they know you didn't mean it when you said .... But do they really.

   I don't know about you but my ESP is on the fritz. I don't even know what I'm thinking half the time. I also know how easy it is to say the wrong thing and not even realize it. I may not be limber enough to kick like the Radio City Rockettes, but I can get my foot in my mouth without even trying.  

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio CityImage via Wikipedia

    So I would like to take this time to say to all my family far and wide, and all my friends.


   I think about you often. A lot more often than I let you know, and I am sorry for that. I will try to do better, but life has away of getting in the way. And days have a way of running together. Just remember that if I hurt your feelings or said something you didn't like, I really didn't mean it. It was just foot in mouth disease, and I am sorry. I would never intentionally say anything to hurt you.

   Now if you will excuss me I need to facebook, twitter, email and call some very important people in my life.'s too late to call now but I can at least do the rest.

   How about you?

   And before I forget to all those who are following and reading this blog....


   I just wanted you know that now.

   Oh and for those who may not know who the Radio City Rockettes are, check this out....

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Anonymous said...

Pam, I wanted to be a Rockette when I was a child. Gave up the dream when I discovered that you had to be 5'7" and I just was never going to be taller than 5'4". LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thanks Pam for sharing this sentiment, which I think of often and thanks for enlightening those who had no idea who the Rockettes were! <3 Love ya! (I do)

Stephanie V said...

I think you needed to have beautiful legs, too. My brother dashed my dreams early on. Of course, I forgave him.

Good post today...we all need reminders.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We appreciate you! Always enjoy seeing your icon among my comments. And a few years ago, I started telling my parents I loved them at the end of every phone call. Think it freaked them out. Now they respond every time. Now I'm sure they know.

Kim G said...

How very true!!! I think we are afraid of not being forgiven for whatever it was that we did or those that we love thought we did. The bible says we just need to ask for forgiveness, it is the other persons job to decide to forgive, but then the problem is on their shoulders not yours. Although we may be miles apart you are always in my thoughts.

Theres just life said...

Kathi, So did I. I had the height, but not the limberness. To bad you couldn't have my height, and I couldn't have your gymnastic ability.
Stephanie,The legs come with the practice and opaque hose.
Alex, Thank you very much. I really enjoy seeing your icon as well. After my mom died of a sudden heart attack, we started doing the same thing. Just wish we had thought of it before she left.
Kim, You are in mine as well. I love you always cousin.

Al said...

Communication is the key to any successful friendship or relationship. Saying the things that matter out loud is part of that.

Theres just life said...

Al, I so agree. I just don't know why it is so hard to say them.