Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...

   I am a little late posting this today. I think I over did it at the party I threw my brother yesterday. So with out further delay I would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Mother's Day.

   The mother's of the world are the most important people there are. With out them we would not be who we are. Mom molds us into what we are with love and guidance.

   A true Mother doesn't have to give birth to give love. I am sure all of us have had more than one mother help us along our path. With a gentle touch, a tender smile or a kind word they, they guide you along.

   Mother's are just angles in disguise. When the light is right you can even see their wings.

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    Happy Mother's Day to all the hidden Angels through out the world, past, present and future. 

   Momma I love you always and miss you much.


Karen Mortensen said...

Very lovely words today. Thank you so much. I agree with what you said.

Stephanie V said...

Yes, there are many mother figures along the journey. Thanks for the reminder.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Our pastor mentioned that - one doesn't have to have children to be a mother. Hope you had a special day!