Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day in Paradise... #fridayflash

A Day in Paradise...

   The day started as any other day in Paradise. The gentle trade winds causing the fronds on the palms to wave a welcoming greeting to those at sea. The inhabitants of the island scurried about getting their day started.

   Along the shore the pool boys at the hotels were setting out clean towels on chase lounges. Cooks were good-naturedly  haggling over price with local fisherman and farmers. Hotel guess lazily started making their way out of their rooms to greet a new day.

   Yes, just another day in Paradise. The waves gently lapped the sands of the beach. Slowly in and out, in and out, in and out... the rhythm hypnotic and peaceful. Lulling you into a trance like state.

   Then the rhythm abruptly changed. The ocean inhales deeply followed by a jarring silence.

   Everything stops in mid-motion. The pool boys forget the towels. The cooks, fisherman, and farmers fall silent. The people lying on the beach slowly sit up. As if turned by invisible hands, all heads turn toward the ocean.

   The water rushing out as if pursued by the very devil himself, reveals the undersea cliffs and valleys of the great mountains that are Hawaii.

   The shore stretches out as far as the eye can see.  The shimmering scales of fish catch the eye as they flounder in the sand that, only moments before, was covered in water. In the distance the barnacle encrusted bones of once proud sailing ships are touched by the sunlight they have not felt in hundreds of years. The only hint that the ocean is still out there is the taste of salt on the breeze.

   Where has the ocean gone? What is happening?

   As the island seems to hold its breath, waiting for the return of the ocean. Two waves of movement are seen on land.

   The tourist move toward the strange site in awe. Cameras attached to their faces recording it all for the tales they will weave on their return homes. Oblivious to the fact the islanders are moving in the opposite direction toward the mountain tops.

    Running  and climbing higher and higher as fast as they can. They do not slowing down to look back. The islanders know what is coming. They have heard the stories passed down from the time of the Kings. The stories of the old gods, who would take the water from the shores only to bring it back to destroy and kill.

   Suddenly the quite is split with a ear shattering siren, and one whispered word becomes a roar … TSUNAMI.

©2010 Pamela Jo

Residents run from an approaching tsunami in H...Image via Wikipedia

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Laura M. Campbell said...

The section where you describe the water rushing out to sea, exposing sunken ships and bewildered fish was intense. It's scary to know the frightening scene about to play out and the horrible damage about to thrust itself on the small island. You did a great job showing the moments leading up to the tsunami, allowing me to fill in with my own knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

Theres just life said...

Thank you Laura. This is something I have been playing around with trying to get right. I really appreciate your feedback.

MorningAJ said...

This is very moving. I actually felt the horror of what was going to happen.

Theres just life said...

Thank you AJ. I was trying to convey just that.

Kiss Me Kate said...

Well you did a great job. I was holding my breath like I do in the shower! Scared of water ....

Theres just life said...

Sorry Kate, Hope I didn't scare you too bad.
Thank you for the complement.
*humbly bows head*

Rhonda Albom said...

Your writing here is so incredibly powerful. I too was holding my breathe, as I thought "run" don't watch. Thank you for visiting my blog this morning.

Home In The Hollow said...

You describe this so well. My best friend was in Japan when "it" hit. She is home now, safe & sound...:)JP

Laura Eno said...

Great description of the tense moments before the tsunami hits!
Sorry I've been ignoring everybody and thanks for checking on me! I'm in the process of publishing Tempest Child. :)

Theres just life said...

Rhonda, Thank you for the complement. If you had that reaction my work is done.

JP, Thank you and I am glad your friend is now home safe and sound.

Laura, You busy bee, I thought it was something like that. You always disappear when you are editing. Thanks for the complement it means a lot coming from you. Can't wait for "Tempest Child"

L'Aussie said...

Hi PJ, the tension really got to me, considering how real this is, having had two terrible tsunamis globally, first the Pacific one with the loss of 200,000 lives and the recent Japanese one. So tragic. Your description was I'm sure spot on.


Thanks for letting me know you'd posted. I'll be posting my Romantic friday writers and friday flash on my flashquake blog as of this coming Friday.