Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Spell-Check...

   When I write my blog or anything, the one tool that helps the most is Spell-check. It is also the one tool that causes the most aggravation.

   I have always had trouble with spelling. The best I can do is write the word and see if it looks right.

   Don't get me wrong I can read and understand lots of things. But when it comes to getting them from my mind to my hand...well, they sometimes get really jumbled up. I do have a mild case of dyslexia, mostly with numbers and mostly when I am tired.

   I sometimes feel like a teacher. Okay everyone line up in order we are going on a trip...Stay in everyone here... No cutting in line. Get back to your place.

   But alas, like the substitute teacher taking on the unruly classroom. I some times fail miserably. That is when I count on my seating chart. otherwise know as Spell-check.

   But the problem arises when there is more than one student with the same name. Say you have 3 Bobbys (oh and by the way spell-check says Bobbys is wrong),  but which one is the right Bobby. To find the answer you check the last name. You now know who is Bobby Smith, who is Bobbee James, and who is Bobbie Lee.

   The problem with spell-check is it only tells you the first name. So how do I know which one to pick. What I need is a Dictionary or at least a Thesaurus. I never had this problem when I was looking words up in those.

   Why not use the dictionary on the computer, you may ask. Well you see, on the one I have it can't find the word if it is not spelled correctly. See my problem.

   Another problem some of the words I use are words that spell-check doesn't recognize (like the ones Laura at A Shift in Dimensions has been posting on her blog this month.) So I wind up changing the way I write sometimes to the way spell-check wants me to write.

   Ah, well apparently everyone is a critic...even my word processor in office.

Oh and by the way....

        HAPPY EARTH DAY....Get out there and plant something. Even if it is your butt on a bench at the park.

Support your planet, It supports you !!!

I want one..... Think it would help???

Now if I could just find one that will correct my sentence structure
and erase the errant commas.


Laura Eno said...

Haha! My spell check hates all the words I'm finding! Thanks for the shout out and happy Earth day to you!

Theres just life said...

You are more than welcome. See what I mean they are just so limited in their vocabulary.

Theres just life said...
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Bossy Betty said...

Yep! Their, They're, and There--They are all the same to my beloved spellcheck!

Noemi said...

I so understand you! As English is not my first language I keep using the spell check, but as you say it is such a shame that it doesn't check if what i write makes sense. Sometime I have to read what I write few times and even so I get it wrong!

Rhonda Albom said...

LOL - I wrote my S on spelling as well. Only my issue is that the country in which I live spells English words differently than the country in which I was born :)

MorningAJ said...

My spellcheck at work keeps reverting to US spelling. Now THAT's annoying!

Theres just life said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I am part of a bigger community of miss spellers.
I wont say bad, because I don't think we are bad...just misunderstood.