Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Dancers....

   Okay, how could D not be dancers. I have had a love affair with musicals all my life. Not to mention having taught ballroom (think Dancing with the Stars) and country western (Urban Cowboy). Yes, I even taught a little disco...very little, I started teaching in the final days of the disco craze.

   So today is dedicated to some of my favorite dancers.  How many do you know.

    Gene Kelly                                                      Fred Astaire

Donald O'Connor                                              Danny Kaye

Vera Allen                                                         Cyd Charisse


And more recently...

Mikhail Baryshnikov                                        Gregory Hines


Patrick Swayze                                                Savion Glover


   If you have never seen these people dance, do yourself a favor and check them out on youtube.


Anonymous said...

I have two left feet, but I want to learn to move a little one of these days! Those are some gorgeous dancers!

Rachna Chhabria said...

I seldom dance, you can even say I have two left feet. But, one day I would like to learn how to dance.

shah wharton said...

I love dancing but my hubbie doesn't (and can't) so we don't anymore. But wow - you have some of my faves up there - Fred and Ginger 0 beautiful combination and who didn't adore Gene dancing in the rain? Marvellous! Shah X
Found and followed you on twitter, also participating in the challenge. User name shahw1

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I love to dance, though I have no training, rhythm, or coordination! That's the beautiful thing about music, though. If it moves you, you're dancing!

Julie said...

Gene Kelly is my favorite, I love watching him dance.

I have two left feet for sure, but I love watching others dance. If I dance myself, I'm a danger to anyone else on the floor. ;)

Fun post!

Laura Eno said...

I loved watching Baryshnikov and Hines dancing in the movie they starred in together. I've never seen Savion Glover before. I'll have to check him out.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

I think I know only four of them. Gene, Fred, Gregory, and Patrick. Dancers is a great entry for "D". Thanks for sharing these!

Stephanie V said...

Frighteningly, I know of all those dancers. And I've seen them dance. Dancing is a wonderful thing to do with your body - and mind. Studies are now showing that dancing can keep Alzheimer's at bay. Knew it was good.

Theres just life said...

Wow...dancing is a hot topic, it seems. Music seems to move all of us. For all of you who said you can't dance. Forget that it isn't true.

If you can walk...you can dance. I taught lots of people who "have two left feet" how to dance. Dancing is about the sheer joy of moving with the music. It is also great exercise. I am not in the least surprised they are discovering new benefits daily.

So everyone turn up the music and dance like there is no one watching.

Stratoz said...

Fred Astaire was my favorite--watching movies on tv on Saturday afternoons as a kid. Recently I saw Rennie Harris Dance Company--that was intense.