Friday, December 3, 2010

Veiled in Shadows by Allan Russell

   This is the first and hopefully not the last book by new author Allan Russell.  "Veiled in Shadows" takes place in Germany and England in the years before and during WWII.  The book centers around the half German, half English Princess and all the lives she touches.  This book tells the story of the beautiful Bavarian Princess known as Victoria Chesterfield to her English friends and family, and the Princess Katharina von Brunnenstadt to all those who know her mother's family in Germany.

   The book is a fast paced narrative from the view of  the two men who love her, the young handsome German SS officer, and the English RAF pilot.  Her faithful servants the gamekeeper at her Bavarian Estate, his wife and a young Jewish girl, all who would not hesitate to give their lives to help their beloved Katharina.  Her English Cousin and others. 
 This multiple point of view narrative is very hard to pull off, but Allan Russell does it.  He all allows us to see all sides of the war and how it affected the people caught up in it.

   If you are looking for a good fast pace adventure, I highly recommend this book for yourself or as a gift for someone on you gift list.

   This book was given to me by the Author for review, with no obligations.

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Al said...

Thank you so much Pamela Jo!
I am so pleased you liked my yarn.
Thanks also for posting it on the BookDepository.
Thanks again!

The Words Crafter said...

This sounds great!

Theres just life said...

Al, Thank you it was a pleasure. It is a great book. I can't wait till you get the next one out.
Hi WC, It is a great book. Check out Al's blog at Publish or Parish on blogger to read a couple of chapters. You wont regret it.

L'Aussie said...

PJ this was a lovely review. I'm looking forward to reading Al's book soon!

BTW there is an award for you on my blog!