Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm a star!!!

   I would like to thank Denise at L'Aussie Writing for giving me a Star award.

   To claim this award you need to answer one question.  What are your writing habits?  Then pass along the star to those you think could use a little star dust themselves.  So here goes.
   My writing habits are not set in stone, their not even set in jello.  I keep a journey, okay a spiral notebook, with me by the bed and when I leave the house so I can jot down ideas.  You never know where the next blog will come from.  This is about as organized as I get.  The rest... well, you'll see.
   I get up in the morning get a cup of coffee and head to the office.  I know my brain does not function until the coffee kicks in so I check my email while I wait.  Nope still not working, but I open a word document so I will be ready when my mind is.  Ohh, maybe a game of solitaire will get the juices flowing.  Come on Aunt Mary wake me up.  I am very competitive, I will not let the computer win, so I keep going till I win. Yes, okay back to the blog.
   It's what time?  Okay let me get some lunch.  One more cup of coffee and lets get to it.  Okay, coffee kicked in but not in the way I wanted.  I be back in a minute.  Now what was I doing.  Oh yeah the blog.  Document open, check.  Notebook of ideas, check --- uh not check it is still by the bed.  I will just go get that, and get down to business.

   What --- I'm just reading.  I said I was going to  what?  Oh crap, I got sidetracked.  Now I am ready.  I know what I am going to write today.  I set down and get typing.  Done.
   Now to preview and edit.  This takes as long as the writing.  I go back and forth reading, proofing, correcting grammar, spelling, sentence structure.  Over and over again until it is right or until I can no longer see straight.
   The whole process takes me about 8 to 10 hours.  Of course the actual writing part would probably only take a couple of hours or less, if my brain would cooperate.
   As you can see I need help getting my routine down.  It would be easier if Jack would just let me eat once a day.  But the man insists that the body needs to be feed more often than that to keep going.
   Okay now for the people I think are stares in their own right.

Canadian Blogger Girl, mussing of a military wife.
Rayna at Coffee rings Everywhere.  The best drabbler around.
Al at Publish or Parish.  You are always a star.
Grandpa at Life on the Farm.  Tales from the rain forest.

Laura, at A Shift in Dimensions I don't know if you have time for awards are not, but you are my biggest star.  You always take the time to help me out.  Thank you.

   Let me know about your writing habits, as you can see I need help with mine.  Maybe I can use your tips to get myself more organized.

I think Amazon is trying to tell me something....


Rayna M. Iyer said...

Congratulations on the Award, and thank you for passing it onto me.

I love where your ideas come from- mine come from somewhere similar.

Grandpa said...

Well done PJ! Didn't I tell you you could write? It may take you a long time to compose but once your stories make it to blogsphere they are a hit!

Thanks for having me on your list. I'm not sure if I deserve it as I write for the sheer pleasure of it, and from my heart. Will write something in my next post...

Donna B said...

Congratulations on your award! I like the way you think and express yourself...I will be back to share my writing ideas after I get some sleep. One of bad habits is staying up way to late...

Canadianbloggergirl said...

AWE!!!!!! Thanks so much for the award! I really appreciate you following me and thinking I'm good! I love it when people tell me what they think. Honestly its one of the benefits of blogging for me. The interactions of people who we really do not know telling us how they feel....its pure!

Al said...

Congratulations on the award!

Thank you for passing it on!

Just a little warning, it may be a week or two before I get to posting about it.
I still have to pass one on that Rayna gave me last week :-)

Laura Eno said...

Oh, you're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much and congrats to you as well. Your comment about the Amazon blogging book cracked me up!
I'll admit, I get buried in writing and haven't been the timeliest lately about passing on awards, but that's bad, as I truly appreciate the recognition.

The Words Crafter said...

Hey, nice to meet you! This was really a fun read. Except, I think you're spying on me....this is nearly exactly how my evenings work! Looking forward to getting to know you. Now following and thanks for doing the same!

Theres just life said...

Hi Rayna, I think a lot of us out here have very similar habits. You deserve the star. Your drabbles are the best.
Hi Grandpa, Yes I know you told me I could write and so can you. If you write a blog you are a writer. That is something L'Aussie passed on to me.
Hi BloggerGirl, I am really enjoying your book reviews. Girl I think you found your niche.
Hi Al, You deserve the star as well. Don't worry I am not the most prompt myself.
Hi Laura, You are my insperation. I love reading your fridayflashes. And as soon as I can I am going to get your books. The teasers on Amazon have me hooked.
Hi Words Crafter. Thanks for dropping by. I love your poetry blog. I guess we have the same blog gods looking after both of us.

Theres just life said...

Oh my gosh I just relived I forgot to put in a link to Denise's blog so here it is just in case the edit doesn't work. If you haven't checked her out please do so.

L'Aussie said...

Ha, this was lovely Pamela Jo. Thanks for accepting and passing on the star dust. I'll pop over and meet a couple more lovely-sounding bloggers..:)

Theres just life said...

Hi Denise, I thought I had thanked you for your comment before now. I forgot to hit post comment. That's what I get for staying after my mind goes to sleep.