Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exploring new worlds...#fridayflash

   Welcome to my 3rd fiction story at #fridayflash.  Okay, forgive me for the counting but I'm still new and can't believe I am actually posting stories that I wrote.  It is still a scary thing for me.  But it is getting easier every time.  I would like to thank all of you are reading and commenting on my stories.  I really appreciate all of your help and encouragement.  Without further ado...

Exploring new worlds...#fridayflash

Update 09022010- Planet Inter findings;

   This is a brief report on our findings on Planet Inter.  After spending 6 months in the targeted excavation areas.  We have been able to uncover written records and materials from the planet's population's first few thousand years.  But only a few scattered written records after that period.
  While there is an indication that the people on this planet survived for an additional 2 to 3 thousand years, there do not seem to be any type of recorded records of these last centuries. This has caused us to speculate that some vast calamity must have occurred around 02020 their time.  Dr. Redos has speculated that some vast communal disease must have occurred to the population of the planet.  He is not sure if the disease affected the neurological or muscular systems of the populous.  What is certain is it caused the populous as a whole to decline to the point of effecting  the abilities to record a written message.  Dr. Redos stated while it is possible that they might have been able to communicate by the use of a signal system,  the finer motor skills were no longer functional.
   The target areas seem to be where the population was brought together to try to contain the contamination.  Some of these camps seem to have held millions of inhabitants.  We have found bits of plastic, metal and glass objects in every habitat in these camps.  This fact  has lead us to believe the devices may have  used for a type of treatment or try to sustain the life of the victims.  
   Since no written records have been found for this time period in these locations, we can not find a cause for the contamination, or what treatments where being tried.
   The teams are taking extreme precautions in the effort to make sure no contamination is picked up from these sites.
   We are planning to send search teams out to the countryside surrounding these camps starting tomorrow.
   They sound be reporting back to us within the month.  Updates will be sent and the information comes available.
Commander S. Vaio
Planet Inter Discover Team

Update 09022011 – Planet Inter findings;

    The search teams have returned from their first excursion to the countryside.  They were able to find additional  information regarding what may have happened to the planet's population.
   The teams brought back written records that post date the last ones found in the camps.  Our researchers are currently analyzing them and will be forwarding their report to you soon.
   Ms. Appeal, the head of the search teams said they found the records in remote quadrants of the countryside.  Perhaps these people were nomads trying to hide from the plague that griped the camps.  The wittings refer to these areas being free on the contamination located in the camps.
   We hope to froward a report from the researchers soon.

Commander S. Vaio
Planet Inter Discover Team

Update 09022012- Planet Inter findings:

   The researchers been able to interpret some of the records found by Ms. Appeal's teams.
   We have learned that apparently the camps were know as cities.  Quite a few of the writings make note of the inhabitants being glad they did not have to live in the cities.  This seems to support the theories that these people were avoiding the contamination of the cities.
  The writings make note of the possibility that there were a group of viruses that made up contamination in the camps or cities.  The records make reference of not have the viruses that they called HDTV and DSL in these areas.  These viruses were apparently spread by the means of something called the internet.   The records also speculated on how long it would be before these areas would contain the viruses as well.
   Dr. Redos has yet to find out whether the viruses were neurological or muscular.  But the records indicate the viruses could cause a 'hard drive failure that caused a catastrophic lose of information'.  That would seem to point to more of a neurological condition, but it is not conclusive.  He is hopping to uncover additional information from further excavations.

   Dr. Mac has included in this report the requested image of the devices found in the habitats of the cities.

Commander S. Vaio
Planet Inter Discover Team

        We found these devices in all sizes.  Some small enough to be hand-held  for traveling.


©2010 Pamela Jo

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Al said...

Reminds me of Arthur C Clark's "Report on Planet Three"

Laura Eno said...

Hah! HDTV and DSL as viruses...I think you've written a report that is more real than fiction. Funny yet scary at the same time!

Marisa Birns said...

Great twist! Agree with Laura's funny/scary component to your story. Well done!

Theres just life said...

Hi Al, I never read "Report on Planet Three". I'll have to check it out. Glad you enjoyed it.
Hi Laura, I think they are turning into the unknown viruses of our day. Glad you liked it.
Hi Marisa, Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment. Glad you liked it.

AidanF said...

Nice twist. Like how it has a little component of truth. Unfortunately, for those in the rural areas... GSM, CDMA, and dishNet/directTV are waiting for them.

Theres just life said...

Hi Aidan, I know what you mean until we moved this last time we were stuck with satellite. It was a pain at times but still way better than dial-up. Thank you for commenting and I am glad you liked it.

Steve Green said...

Good sci-fi.

one of the problems we face nowadays, is that the technology we rely on so heavily to allow our world to function, also makes us extremely vulnerable.

Theres just life said...

Hi Steve Thanks for dropping by. It is a problem the easier our lives become the more vulnerable we make ourselves. Fewer and fewer people know how to make the daily necessities. We are a group dependent on grocery stores and foreign manufactures.