Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let me call you sweetheart....

   I have a horrible memory for names.  I remember faces but the names escape me.  No, it's not because I am getting older...More experienced.  I have always had this problem. 
   Why do you think I call everyone darling.  After all I'm not a Gabor sister.

Eva Gabor

                                   Oops, I just dated myself didn't I.

   This can get real embarrassing, like when you are trying to introduce someone.  I have done it so often that now it is expected of me.  I just brush it off with something like, okay I would like to introduce you  but you know I am horrible with names so just introduce yourselves.   Hey it worked for Dory in
Finding Nemo.
   When I taught dance, I had a little trick I did.  I would set the student's chart on a table by the floor and then dance them over to it to read the name.  I just pretended to see what step I needed to teach them next.  I knew that chart forward and backwards, literally.  I thought I was pretty slick until one Valentine's Day .....
   All my students got together and gave me a card.  It had Donald and Daisy Duck on it, and said ...Let me call you sweetheart.....Because I can't remember your name.
   I laughed and said... BUSTED.    They knew about it all the time.   Hey, I always said I got the smart people.
   Sometimes it helps to have accomplices.  If one of us couldn't remember a name, another one would go up to the person and introduce ourselves.  When we had the name we would walk by the other and tell them the name in passing.  Then they could go up to the person and pretend they knew the name the whole time.  That one worked like a charm.
   So if you forget names like I do, don't get upset about it.  Use one of the above tricks or make up a new one.  You could even try telling the truth ... I remember your face but I'm sorry your name escapes me. 
   Well, I hope I helped you out a little, Darling.

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Parsley said...

I can remember a face enough to know I SHOULD know a name but I usually CAN'T! With kids I can get away with calling them 'sweetie' or something but clue how to get around it.

Deb and Barbara said...

Ha! Deb and I play each others name detectives all the time!

Everton Terrace said...

I remember almost every face I've ever seen. My husband has been trying to figure out a way for us to make millions off this talent of mine.
Names = nothing. The worst is when you're at something where people wear nametags because you totally have to look (being a non-name rememberer and all) but you don't want them to SEE you looking. It's ridiculous.

Theres just life said...

Hi Parsley, I live in Texas and can get away with the Darling and Honey. I even throw in a babe every once in a while. I say it so matter of fact no one takes it the wrong way.
Hi Barb, It's good to have friends isn't it. The team method works the best.
Hi ET, I know what you mean about the name tags. As time goes by those things get harder to read too. Plus you always have some smartypants that trade tags to see if anyone notices.

L'Aussie said...

Hi Pamela Jo. I have a great memory for most things but names can be a bit tricky. Have to really concentrate..:)

Dogmom Diva said...

Hey Pamela Jo, I am not great with names..great hints!
Thanks for stopping by my rooster post, I love visitors and hope you stop and visit often!

Have a great weekend!

Al said...

I'll forgive you "love" :-)

Theres just life said...

Hi Denice, The more years past the harder it is to concentrate.
Hi Dogmom, Loved your roosters. Glad you dropped by.
Hi Al, Thank you "honey" :-)

Lori said...

Hi Pam, I am enjoying my first look at your blog! This story reminded me of a day we were out shopping and a young lady beamed at us from across the store and headed over with her equally beaming husband and a sweet newborn baby. My husband and I chatted with them for a while, but I was at a loss for her name. I meet lots of women in my line of business and thought it must have been a past customer. I said, I am so sorry but I've forgotten your name. She was floored and so was I when she revealed that she was the daughter of a very close friend! No fair that she had cut her long beautiful hair short, dyed her red hair brown and covered her freckles with makeup!

Theres just life said...

Lori welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Did you ever think when we were in High School that we would end up where we are now. I know I couldn't even picture 30 much less older. But life has a running its own course and only God knows the route you will take.
That's what makes it interesting.