Friday, July 30, 2010

I must be crazy...

   I am an overachiever.  I try to do everything.  So when I started blogging I started looking at other blog sites and decided how I wanted mine to look.
  Things always change so I kept looking and I found the cooking sites.  Hey that sounds good.  I have all my mother's handwritten recipes that I have been typing up.  So I started a recipe blog Grandmom's Recipes.  Now my family can go online and find a recipe from Momma's collection.  Since I only have to write the introduction for the recipe I should be able to do that and my original blog.
   So back online I go.  I start checking the blogs other people are looking at.  Wow look at all the writers that are on here.  This stories are great.  There are romance, science fiction, horror and mysteries.  There are Drabbles that tell the story in exactly 100 words.  There are flash fiction that tell a story in less than 1000 words.  And there are serial stories that have a new chapter everyday or every week.
   Then Rayna from Coffee Rings Everywhere did a horrible thing.  She dared her followers to write a drabble based on a photo of hers.
   I never could pass up a good dare, so I sat down at the keyboard and wrote.  This is fun.  I forgot how much I enjoyed writing stories for school.  Great, but the fiction just didn't quite seem fit into the format I had decided on for my blog.  What was I going to do with these.  I knew I had way to much fun writing them to stop ... so where to put them.  Then I noticed that little link on the blogger dashboard that says Create a Blog.  Oh well, why not.  So Books at Large was born.
   Now I have 3 different blogs.  What have I done.  Have I gone insane... That rhetorical please don't answer I don't think I could take it.
   Well as you can imagine I don't think I can just dash off something every single day for 3 blogs, though I did today.  So the story blog may not get posted to as often.  But I always wanted to write.  So of course I am overdoing it as usual.

                                       What the heck was I thinking?
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Laura Eno said...

I am writing every day but I barely have time to post my #fridayflash on my blog once a week! No way could I have multiple blogs. You're cra-
Oh, wait. You said don't confirm that...never mind.

Al said...

Madness, sheer madness.

Either that or you have an awful lot more energy than I do.

Theres just life said...

Laura, Al..
Yes I think I have finally officially lost it...if I could just remember what it is. I am home all the time because of a heart condition, but I still have other things to do. Like maybe clean the house.
I guess since most of my life I worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time I got into a rut.

Stephanie said...

You're a brave woman!