Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is this July or December...

    I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who worked and managed a retail store.  I loved meeting and helping people find the perfect thing for themselves or a loved one.  I was glad that I so impressed some people that they would come back and ask for me to help them or their friends.  The long hours I could handle most of the time.  What I dreaded and hated was... CHRISTMAS.
   It was enough to send me into nervous twitches and mental breakdowns.  All those people all demanding that they are first.  They are better than everyone else and you should get out of their way because they are coming. ...And that was in the parking lot.
   I have always love Christmas and all things about the holidays.  The decorations, the lights, the songs, the smiles on peoples faces.  But when you work in a retail store at the MALL.  You get to the point that you dread the months of November and December. 
   The stores are all decked out in their finest.  The children of all ages are wide eyed and looking for Santa's place.

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The smells, the excitement, the sales and special gifts are great.  But by the time you fight the traffic and find a parking place you have had enough. 
   During the Christmas season parking is at a premium and unless you open the store, it will take you an extra 30 minutes to find a spot.  That is if the mall hasn't decreed that all employees must park 2 or 3 blocks away and wait for the bus or walk.  And of course the store is now open extended hours so you either come in at 6am or leave at 1pm.  If you are a manager you sometimes do both.  You are on your feet all day, because even on your break there is standing room only at the food court.  Your lucky to make it to the counter and get a drink before it time to run back to the store.  After a long day the last thing you want to do is hike to your car.  My poor feet ache now just writing this.
   When I left retail sales I promised myself I would never go to the mall at Christmas.  So far I have kept that promise.  Do I miss the decorations... No,  how could I when the stores start putting them up in  September, or earlier.

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   Now this year the Christmas sales are starting this weekend!!!!  In JULY. 
   Oh no...there goes that twitch in my eye. 

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