Friday, July 2, 2010

Does Life have an Edit button...

   I was sitting here posting my Mom's recipe on my other blog, when it occurred to me what I like most about  blogging.  Well actually there are two things I love about blogging.  They are the preview button and the edit button.  I just type away think I've got everything down just like I want and hit preview.  Wait, that's not what I was thinking.  Darn it, my brain got carried away, and forgot to take my fingers with it...again.  Oh well, I can just go back and add a word here, a sentience there and check again.  Oops forgot to hit spell check again.  Well we can just fix that.  Finally after reading and fixing, hopefully less than a dozen times, it's done.  And post...YES, one more down.
   But what if you post and then someone points out a mistake.  Edit to the rescue.  Bring the post back up, fix it and send it back out on it merry little way.
  Then I thought wouldn't it be nice if life had preview and edit buttons.  Just think you can see exactly what was going to happen and fix any mistakes before you make them.  I know it would be great to have when your getting ready to go out somewhere, then you would know exactly what to wear.  Not like the time you wore that hot outfit for you date, only to find out you where meeting his parents. Well it did made a big impression on his Mom alright.
   The edit button would be great to have to go back and fix the mistakes you made.  Like the time you asked the Lady you just meet when her baby was due, only to find out she wasn't pregnant.  Or the many times  you made a joke that bombed so bad it had you looking for the nearest exit, and contemplating becoming a hermit.
  Yes an edit and a preview  would come in real handy.  But then it's the mistakes that make life memorable.  And when was the last time you shared a laugh over something that went right?  So I guess it would be a pretty boring life if we were able to make it perfect.


Canadianbloggergirl said...

I'd like a preview button, more so than an edit. I find that you learn from your mistakes, and they make you the person you are today!

As for a preview? I'd love to see when we're posting outta this base and back home to the one we love and miss so dearly....also when we'll buy a house and get out of military housing!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

There are times when immediately after doing something I realise I have done the dumb thing, and I reach to press the undo button.

But Edit button I can live without. Many of the things I may want to edit out actually made me who I am. Lovely blog.

Theres just life said...

Rayna thanks for dropping by. I love reading your dabbles.And your photos are great.