Friday, June 18, 2010

WOW, This is a really good book.

On these hot days its nice to curl up and read a book in the air conditioning when the heat index is over 100 degrees outside.  I just finished reading 'The Quickie' by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge. It was really good. Just when you thought you might have it figured out, you get something thrown in out of left field. It definitely keeps you turning the pages. Only it makes it real hard to put it down and do anything else, (like fix something to eat or clean).  This team is the same one that wrote "Step on a Crack' also a page turner.  If you haven't read either of these books, treat yourself.  You won't be disappointed.
Before that I read a Mary Higgins Clark book 'Mount Vernon: A Love Story'.  That woman can write.  This was one of her first books.  It's about George and Martha Washington. It goes back and forth from the last day of Washington's Presidency to the road that brought him and Martha to that point in time.  It is well worth your time to read this story.  You get a whole new outlook on our FIRST First Family.
Speaking of air conditioners. (I was in the first line of this blog. Remember.) Our air conditioner was out for a while, and  I wasn't sure we would survive much longer with out it. Thank goodness it is fixed now.
How the heck did our ancestors live with out it?  They were definatly a much stronger person than I am.  If it goes out again maybe I can channel them, or just go sit in the creek until it gets fixed.


Canadianbloggergirl said...

We interest in the same authors! I like your style of writing. Never though of using the term "government words" Good choice!

Theres just life said...

Hey thanks. I bet you know quite a few of those "government words" too. I loved you blog about your neighbors 'The Addams Family'