Monday, June 21, 2010

Bailey Sophia has arrived...

We interrupt todays regularly scheduled blog to bring you some very  important news.  Move over Oprah, there is a new VIP in the world today.  Sorry Bradgalina, I'm not talking about y'all either.  I would like to proudly announce the arrival of.... BAILEY SOPHIA...  She arrived today at 12:23pm.  Her entourage included her parents, Josh and Lizzy.  The new superstar was sporting her brand new birthday suit on her 19 inch frame.  It showed off her 6 lb. 5.9 oz frame to perfection.  She currently in seclusion with her parents, but we hope to have arrival pictures soon.  We have sent in our best photographer, Auntie Derien.  But you know how these VIP Superstar types are.  They don't show their faces to the public until they have been primped and powdered by their entourage.  We will keep you up to date on the latest news about the new VIP, when it becomes available.

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